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Once an Angel, Always an Angel

90 days later, I completed by first Hel’s Angels challenge, having lost 9 kg, 7% body fat and my visceral fat dropped from 18 to 13. I am so thankful to Helen for her commitment, hard work and for how she puts every Angel’s needs above her own. Helen, you are amazing! I am also thankful to every angel for the motivation and for inspiring me to keep going. I would have never done this on my own. Hel’s Angels has been a truly life-changing experience. 

Lauren Arthur

Hel's Angels Summer 90 Day Challenge 2019

Year on year I made the same New Year Resolutions, usually lasting a full 3 hours. Amongst others was my desire to shed weight and become fitter.  Come 2016 and I knew I had to put more effort into it. I was DETERMINED!!! The road has most definitely not been easy, we are our own worst critics and all deal with our own physical challenges. I was welcomed into a group of exceptional women all under the thumb of the boss angel, an even MORE exceptional woman who BELIEVED in, MOTIVATED and INSPIRED each of us and well because she was there to push us beyond our comfort zones, even TORTURED us. Although I have fantastic weight loss results, body fat % loss, cm loss it has no longer become my driving force, this has become my way of life. My fellow Angels, YOU are what make this group so special. NEVER forget how very precious, considerate, kind, loving and beautiful each of you are.

Chantal van Dyk

Hel's Angels Since February 2016

Jann RitchieI wanted to do something for myself, I felt insecure about my weight and just needed a little boost in my life. I have an almost 2 years old, unfortunately when I had my birth control put in after having him, I gained 35kgs in 2 months. It absolutely killed my spirits. I started Hel’s Angels and it was the best thing I could ever have done. My confidence has gotten so much better, I have not just made friends, I have a Hel’s Angels family! The pictures I saw of my two instructors Ilse and Chantal’s, before and afters inspired me even more. They both just completed the corporate iron man, two incredible people! The owner Helen is absolutely Incredible, she is a walking Angel. She does 3 classes a day and still drills us and does everything that we do. I won’t lie, there were days I didn’t want to go at all, my friend Robyn pushed me and visa versa, the eating killed me for the first few weeks, my legs were sore, actually everything hurt. But once we were in class we didn’t want it to end, the positive vibes and energy is amazing in that room, everyone is working at the same goal and the motivation is incredible. When I saw my Visceral Fat I was committed 100% to become the biggest looser and I worked so hard at it. My visceral fat was at a Level 20 (not healthy at all!)now it is at a level 10. My weight was 97.7 and now I am 79.5 (18.2Kgs down) and my Body Mass went down by 24 and body fat % Went down 11%. This has changed my confidence and the way I live my everyday life. Thank you Helen, Robyn, Ilse, Chantal and of course my fellow angels! I would recommend this program to everyone out there, if you want to loose weight or gain muscle (Tone) this program is for everyone! Thank you Helen for helping me obtain an amazing outcome!

Sarah Krebser

Hel's Angels 90 Day Challenge Summer 2019

Angels! Hels Angels changed my life in so many ways! I was a fat, sad and badly unfit lady struggling with serious PTSD. It was Hellen and my fellow Angels who helped me become the real me again! And every day I remember what they did for me! Its been about 3.5 years now since that first Hels Angels. And here I sit on the other side of the world in Australia and miss it all so much! There is nobody like Helly Welly here! I tried to find that magical person! I know why because she is a real friend a really Earth Angel  There are groups here and they work hard. Hels Angels is one of a kind! Truly! Missing you ladies with all my heart #originalhelsangel

Jann Ritchie

Hel's Angel

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