Spearhead by one of the most decorated and experienced broadcasters in South Africa, Daron Mann. Launched on the back of huge publicity and an enormous wave of public goodwill towards Daron following his recent termination of his 28-year association with Algoa FM. Evidence of Daron’s unusually deep and authentic connection with his huge and loyal fanbase can be found daily on social media platforms.

Daron will be hosting both morning and afternoon drive shows on MannMade Radio to begin with and then for additional presenters to join. Additional presenters to be a mix of names known to the public, and new young voices who will be a product of broadcasting coaching classes that MannMade Radio will offer aspiring young presenters as part of a commitment to developing radio talent.

The default position of the station will be a force for the good and the positive. Without being naive or merely acting as cheerleaders MannMade Radio will be fiercely loyal to South Africa and South Africans. To draw a comparison – we would be philosophically aligned with the aims of the #ImStaying movement.

We shall also carry a message strongly in support of conservation with the emphasis on education. It is not only responsible to broadcast on such matter in 2020, it is irresponsible broadcasting not to do so.


Our state-of-the-art studios are located within Profiles Health and Fitness Center on William Moffett in Port Elizabeth. 

The “big switch on” of Mannmade Radio was via a “soft launch” of a single Facebook post for on the morning of the first test broadcast which began at 06h00 on the 2nd December 2019. It spread like wildfire and was well-received as social media at the time attests.


Management of all social media accounts as well as the MannMade Radio website outsourced to specialist. MannMade Radio to be listed/included as an option on all platforms/apps that offer lists of online radio stations. A short video tutorial has been produced and posted on social media showing listeners how easy it is to access MannMade Radio and to stream it whilst in their cars.


Opportinities exist via traditional advertising of sports/commercials and features. Digital content to be monetised via podcast series, YouTube channels, etc

Daron Mann

Daron Mann